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  • As a Glendale criminal defense lawyer, I know that being charged with a crime can happen to anybody. A police officer is a human being, and he or she occasionally makes mistakes in arresting individuals. He or she may lack probable cause to arrest a person. If you have been arrested for a crime in… [Continue Reading]

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  • Violent crimes are perhaps the most serious charges requiring an experienced and dedicated defense lawyer involve violent crime cases.  GLOTZER and SWEAT LLP has handled a variety of violent crime cases, including murder, attempted murder, felony resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon and assault and battery.  Sentencing in these types of cases can range… [Continue Reading]

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  • Our firm handles all types of criminal appeals in California.  An appeal is an attempt to overturn a conviction based upon legal errors that may have occurred that may allow the conviction to be attacked.  A successful appeal can result in the suppression of evidence that was admitted at trial, a reduction in the sentence… [Continue Reading]

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  • Felony 2 Strikes Case Lancaster, California Result: Dismissal of Strikes and Probation. Felony 2 Strikes Case Fontana, California Result: Dismissal of Strikes and Probation. DMV Hearing for Minor with blood alcohol of .05 Van Nuys, California Result: Dismissed Embezzlement of funds over $150,000.00 Long Beach, California Result: Probation Embezzlement and Fraud over $100,000.00 Airport Court, California Result: Probation Attempted Murder Los Angeles Metro Court Result: Dismissed DMV… [Continue Reading]

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  • The Criminal process in California depends upon a lot of factors including the level of the offense charged (misdemeanor or felony), the nature of the criminal charges and other things.  This is a brief explanation of generally what happens in felony cases: Arraignment • First Appearance Your arraignment is your first appearance in court after… [Continue Reading]

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  • About our criminal defense lawyers: JOSHUA W. GLOTZER When you or a loved one is arrested, protection of your legal rights can only come from an effective and experienced attorney. In a criminal case, it is essential to retain an experienced attorney who has the knowledge to challenge the police and prosecutors and provide the… [Continue Reading]

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Avoiding Drug Convictions in California

drug possession, criminal defense, los angeles, California

Avoiding drug convictions in California is completely possible with the right legal strategy.  When a person is arrested for drug possession in California, the thought of suffering a felony conviction and even serving time in state prison or jail can be daunting.     There are many defenses and resolution to a drug charge in California whether you […]

Resisting Arrest in California

Resisting Arrest in California

Resisting arrest in California is a serious criminal charge.  In many felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in California, charges are often added when an arrestee resists arrests, interferes with a police officer or sheriff’s deputies attempt to discharge their duties or in more serious cases commits an assault and/or battery on a police officer during […]

Juvenile Criminal Sentencing in California

Juvenile criminal sentencing in California is more complex than one might think.  From Justin Bieber to Lindsay Lohan, we often see young people when they are minors getting into trouble which may lead to criminal charges.   In many counties in California including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside County, we see juveniles get involved […]

Immigration Consequences of California Drug Conviction

drug charges in CA, immigration law, criminal defense law, los angeles drug lawyer

Immigration consequences of a California drug conviction should always be considered when an immigrant residing in the Golden State is accused of possession of narcotics.   As the most recent immigration crisis involving illegal entry of unattended children has created much debate in Washington DC and directly affected states such as CA, many persons who live […]