Perhaps the most stigmatizing and serious charges an accused may face involve sex offenses.   Even the mere accusation of a sex offense can create serious problems for an accused.  Leib Law has discreetly and successfully defended persons accused of such crimes and understand the multitude of issues one has to deal with in defending such cases.

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Just recently, our office dealt with a person falsely charged of such a crime and worked tirelessly to petition the state to waive its sex offender registration requirement as it improperly applied to our client.   Besides possible state prison time, the conviction for a sex offense may require registration as a sex offender for life, which may be reduced or avoided with a proper legal defense for sex crimes.

If you have been charged and/or arrested for a sex offense, you need the immediate counsel and expertise of a defense attorney who will discreetly and aggressively defend your rights.  Often times, persons accused of such crimes find such charges preposterous and say and do things prior to consulting with a lawyer which may later hinder their chances of getting the best possible disposition of their case, namely DISMISSAL of the charges.

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If charged with such an offense, please contact our office as soon as possible so that we may provide you a free phone or office consultation so that you may be informed of the best steps to take in order to protect your rights.

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