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Attorney Joshua Glotzer is of counsel with Leib Law and has 20 years of experience practicing law. Throughout his successful legal career, Mr. Glotzer has made a name for himself by taking on cases from which others might turn away. Some notable cases include:

  • He was able to obtain a 12-0 not guilty verdict in a case involving a man who was charged with assault on a police officer. The case came about following an incident where it was alleged the man ran over the foot of a police officer who had pulled him over for allegedly making an improper right turn. After the man was pulled over, a police officer accused the man, whose pregnant wife and two children were in the car with him at the time, of running over his foot and trying to take his gun. The officers ordered the man to exit his car and then brutally beat him and threw him to the ground in the course of arresting
    him. During the trial, it was revealed that there was no evidence found that the officer’s foot was run over or that the man tried to take his gun. The man was cleared of felony charges, and due to their conduct during his arrest, the officers were sued for civil rights violations.
  • Securing dismissals of strikes and probation in separate felony 2 strikes cases in Lancaster and Fontana, California.
  • Dismissal in a Van Nuys, California DMV hearing involving a minor with a blood alcohol of .05.
  • Obtaining a not guilty verdict of a man charged with attempted murder in Pomona.
  • GlotzerLaw, PC was able to secure a successful resolution for a UC Irvine professor accused of attempting to burn down a residence and his son’s school following his son’s suicide. At the sentencing hearing, we were able to get the sentence of this professor greatly reduced. The professor had no prior history of criminal behavior and had up to that point, been a valuable member of the community.
  • Dismissal in a Los Angeles Metro Court attempted murder case.
  • Diversion and dismissal of possession of cocaine charges in Indio County.
  • Dismissal of charges in an alleged insurance fraud ring.
  • Obtained the reduction of a sentence from 30 years to 10 of an individual with an I.Q. of less than 70 who was accused of sexually assaulting a relative following a lengthy court process.
  • Probation with no jail time in a grand theft case.
  • Obtained a sentence reduction in a San Diego County Superior Court driving under the influence case. The reduction included no jail time and a charge of reckless driving with alcohol.
  • No jail time and probation reinstatement in a case involving charges of a probation violation and possession of cocaine for sale in Beverly Hills Superior Court.
  • Had 3-strikes allegation dismissed after robbery trial in Orange County.