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Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Daniel Leib and the attorneys at Leib Law, with law offices in downtown LA, Pasadena, Ontario and Beverly Hills, are available to meet with you and provide the personal attention your case deserves. To learn more about how Leib Law may be able to help you, call us at 661-576-1101 or use the contact form on this page to request a free consultation. Criminal defense attorney Daniel Leib has a long history of representing people accused of many types of felonies and misdemeanors. Daniel Leib has represented clients throughout Southern California including West Covina, Burbank, Pasadena, Palmdale, Torrance, Pomona, Ontario, Santa Ana, Norwalk, Fullerton and other cities throughout California.

Daniel Leib is a well-recognized and respected criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended numerous difficult and high-profile cases. With over 25 years of experience, he has the expertise to offer superior courtroom representation. He provides a thorough investigation, bold defenses and aggressive courtroom trial skills.

Defending and Protecting Your Rights in Criminal Prosecutions

The lawyers at Leib Law know firsthand that facing criminal charges when you have to challenge the credibility of the District Attorney’s case, especially challenging the testimony of police officers, can be a daunting proposition.  When you have the skills and experience of attorney Daniel Leib on your side, you will not have to worry about the prosecution and law enforcement trampling over your Constitutional rights for the purpose of obtaining a criminal conviction. With our experienced lawyers defending your case, you can rest assured that law enforcement or the prosecution will be put to task in proving their case and not be allowed to take shortcuts by neglecting your rights.  At Leib Law we have been successful in obtaining great results from not guilty verdicts to the reduction of serious charges from a felony to a misdemeanor by working for our clients and making the government act in a way that the Constitution requires so that your rights are protected.  You can be confident that if you hire Leib Law to defend you against criminal charges, your case will receive the attention necessary to obtain the best possible result in your criminal matter.

If you have been accused or charged with a crime, you have certain Constitutional rights that should be protected by an experienced criminal defense lawyer when facing a criminal prosecution.  Leib Law believes in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. who once said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Leib Law works to defend and protect your Constitutional rights when facing criminal charges and ensure that all individuals receive the necessary time your case deserves in representing you in a criminal case.

In this country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and it’s the prosecutor’s job to prove guilt beyond any reasonable doubt – the highest burden in our legal system. Attorney Daniel Leib holds prosecutors to the highest standard by providing a comprehensive defense for his clients and ensuring that his clients’ rights are protected under the California and United States Constitutions. Providing the best possible defense isn’t just a job, it’s a calling – by defending each criminal client’s constitutional rights, he works to protect the rights of everyone in this county.

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