Daniel LeibDaniel Leib, Managing Partner

When you or a loved one is arrested, protection of your legal rights can only come from an effective and experienced attorney. In a criminal case, it is essential to retain an experienced attorney who has the knowledge to challenge the police and prosecutors and provide the best possible results for their client. Law enforcement will try to obtain statements from the arrested person and conduct unlawful searches long before they have a chance to talk to a lawyer. These tactics must be met with a knowledgeable and aggressive defense.

For over 28 years Daniel Leib has provided excellent and quality representation in the criminal courts of California. As a seasoned trial lawyer, he has obtained not guilty verdicts in misdemeanor cases, as well as serious felony cases. Mr. Leib has handled cases all over California including Los Angeles, Fresno, Kern, Ventura and Orange County. He has handled many federal cases in the U.S. District Courts, California Court of Appeals, U.S. Court of Claims and Federal Appellate Courts.


Mr. Leib is an experienced and  highly accomplished trial lawyer who has experience representing defendants in cases ranging from DUI to murder. He has the experience and know how to offer superior court room representation of clients charged with serious felonies.

  • My firm believes that persons accused of crimes have the right to the best defense possible.
  • We work hard to insure that all of our clients’ constitutional rights are protected.
  • We give you a full defense team. In addition to my experience, my firm is associated with other lawyers, staff, and veteran investigators who can readily and effectively assist clients at any time.
  • Our offices keep in constant contact with our clients, their friends, and family to insure that all measures are taken to provide the best resolution of our client’s problem.