gang crimes, california criminal defense attorneyGang related crimes are a specialized area of California criminal law.  Our firm has broad experience representing persons accused of gang crimes in Los Angeles and all parts of Southern California.  These include serious felony charges such as: murder, drug charges (including possession of narcotics for sale or distribution), gun charges, money laundering, racketeering (or “RICO” violations), smuggling, intimidation, robbery and prostitution.  Leib Law has represented persons accused of being members of the Crips, Bloods, Asian Gangs, Latino Gangs (including MS 13), Russian and Armenian Gangs and gangs in the African American, Asian, Hispanic and Eastern European communities in Los Angeles and Southern California.


It is important to know that many criminal charges and penalties will be far more serious and severe if the defendant is alleged to be a gang member.  Thus, “gang related” offenses tend to carry stiffer sentences and penalties.  This is sometimes termed a “gang enhancement” of the original charge based upon an alleged gang affiliation.

Many times, prosecutors and police officers accuse persons of being gang members when they are not. In addition,  non-gang members can often be labeled as belonging to a gang just for associating with certain friends or acquaintances who are gang members.  If a person does not fight this label and admits to being a gang member as part of a plea agreement, he may be stuck with this label at all times in the future and, if arrested again, he will be singled out for harsher prosecution.

Our firm is dedicated to fighting a person being labeled as a gang member if they are not.  Furthermore, if persons are members of a gang, we understand that there are many facts and circumstances that may have caused that person to join the gang, including cultural and peer pressure reasons and for a person’s own protection.  We try to portray these clients in a favorable light to the Court.  It is important to know that we are comfortable representing persons involved with gangs and understand that they are entitled to an aggressive defense just like any other person.

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