Nationally recognized and trusted criminal defense attorneys, GlotzerLaw, PC, have been successfully defending people accused of criminal charges for almost two decades.  In that time, the firm has defended cases in both State and Federal Court in California and elsewhere in a wide range of alleged criminal offenses including:

  • Alleged Assault and Battery on A Police Officer: The client, a mechanic at a local auto dealership, was transporting his wife and young child home from work when he was stopped by the LAPD on an alleged traffic violation.  As he was pulling to the curb per instructions from the officer, he accidentally ran over the policeman’s foot.  He was taken out of the car and beaten and then charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a peace officer.  GlotzerLaw, PC was able to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident, obtain eyewitness testimony and gain an acquittal of all charges.  This case was later featured on the Los Angeles affiliate of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).
  • Alleged Arson of a School Facility and Residence: Making headlines in both national and international news organizations including ABC, CBS and NBC news, GlotzerLaw, PC was able to obtain a successful resolution of a person accused of attempting to burn down a school and residence in Orange County, CA.
  • Fraud: As discussed by the Los Angeles Times, the law firm of GlotzerLaw, PC was able to obtain a dismissal of charges in an alleged insurance fraud ring.
  • Attempted Murder Trial: An alleged domestic dispute turned into charges for attempted murder and the law firm was able to take the matter to trial and obtain acquittal on the most serious charges for the accused individual.
  • Sexual Assault Charges: An individual with a I.Q. of less than 70 was accused of sexually assaulting a relative.  The relative later recanted her story and denied the events in question.  The law firm was able to obtain a release of the accused after a lengthy court process.  This story was featured in several news outlets in and around the Riverside / San Bernardino area.
  • Driving Under the Influence: The attorneys have obtained dismissals and reductions in hundreds of cases of alleged DUI.
  • Three Strikes: In many cases, the lawyers have been able to prevent persons facing 25 years to life in prison from having to serve such a harsh sentence by challenging the underlying charges or obtaining reductions in the alleged, charged offenses.

In these and hundreds of other instances, the work and dedication of the experienced criminal defense team of GlotzerLaw, PC paid off for the persons accused of criminal activity. Justice can only be obtained through seeking out the truth and assuring the the criminal justice system functions properly to allow anyone accused of a crime their day in court and a fair hearing of the issues.  It is through such diligent efforts that GlotzerLaw, PC and their lawyers have been named in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers, have received the highest possible ratings on law rating systems like AVVO and others, have been named “Super Lawyers” by Thomson Reuters News Service and Los Angeles Magazine for multiple, consecutive years, and have been featured on national and international news outlets.  A dedication to providing the best possible defense to anyone accused of a crime is the goal in each and every client which they serve!