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Attempted Murder in CA

Attempted murder in CA could be the charge in the recent club shooting in Los Angeles.  By now most persons have heard of the disturbing story of multiple persons being shot in a nightclub in Los Angeles including infamous rap mogul, Suge Knight.  It appears from stories that the shooters intent was to harm Chris [...]

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Road Rage in CA: Reckless Driving to ADW

Criminal Charges Related to Road Rage in California Road rage in CA can result in criminal charges ranging from reckless driving to assault with a deadly weapon (ADW).  On our busy urban freeways in areas like Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire, getting cut off or flipped off while [...]

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Robbery Charges in California

Los Angeles Robbery Defense Attorney Robbery charges in California are one of the most common criminal charges a person may face whether it be in Los Angeles, Riverside or Orange County.  The crime of robbery ranges in degrees depending upon many factors such as armed robbery or a robbery by use of force [...]

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Murder or Self Defense?

Murder or self defense? On January 29, 2014, Vanesa Zavala, a person with no criminal record, pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree murder after being arrested on January 18, 2014 when a fight outside a Santa Ana nightclub let to the beating and death of 23 year old Annie Pham.  See  It is [...]

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Assault and Battery Charges In California – The Kanye West Example

Assault and Battery charges in California - The Kanye West Example:  It appears Kanye West may be facing misdemeanor and perhaps criminal charges in Los Angeles County for punching an 18 year old man who provoked Kim Kardashian by using extremely volatile racial language aimed at Kim and Kanye: Sources indicate that Kanye located [...]